Veronika M. – November 2014, Bahrain

Dear Dejana,

Thank you very much for the follow up consultation and report!

You really have changed my life as my health has improved on such important levels. Your knowledge about food and wellbeing is a great gift to my family as well.

You are about to make a difference in many people’s life.  I can see that in Bahrain already!


Maria B. – September 2014, Bahrain

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 12 years ago. I went to a number of doctors and experimented with various therapies to get rid of the symptoms but there was never any improvement.

When I visited Dejana, I went with no expectations and had conflicting feelings about her dietary plan suggestion. I half-heartedly decided to follow the plan as best I could and within a few short days, I was stunned to feel the first set of results. This gave me the strength and will to continue and I’m now gradually beginning to feel better with a lot more energy.

Dejana’s knowledge, support and understanding has opened up a whole new world for me- one where I feel like my old self again.

Thank you Dejana, you have changed my life! 


Turel O. (Papa de L.) – 24th of February 2014,  Bahrain

Tres Chere Madame,

Apres 28 jours de cure de Holford Optimum Advanced Nutrition et par la suite, en poursuivant vos précieuses prescriptions, je me sens parfaitement bien: j’ai perdu 4 kg, mes intestins vont mieux, mes boutons allergiques ou de stress sont presque disparus.

De plus, mon cardiologue est très content des résultats d’écho, d’électro et d’analyses sanguines. Je continuerai de poursuivre vos conseils et chaque fois que je serai de retour au Bahrain, je demanderai une consultation de votre part.

Encore merci et profondes et cordiales salutations.

Tres Chere Madame,

After 28 days of treatment on Holford Advanced Optimum Nutrition and thereafter, continuing your valuable requirements, I feel perfectly fine: I lost 4 kg, my bowels are better, my allergies or stress buttons are almost gone.

Also, my cardiologist is very pleased with the results ultrasound, electro and blood tests. I will continue to pursue your advice and whenever I get back to Bahrain, I ask for a consultation on your part. Again thank you and deep and cordial greetings.