Our ultimate objective is to bring you back to into holistic balance – in your body, mind and soul, thus providing a clear personalized path to optimal vitality. We will enable you to become the manager of your health for life.

Major progress on the path to your optimal vitality is possible with determination and organization on your part. We will give you the information and all the support.

The health results will already be very visible in the first month.  You will however, really see important and amazing changes at the end of the 3 months.

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Holistic Health  Program

This is for you if: you are a first time client 

Price:     200BD                                

Duration:   1st Consultation 1h in person and 2nd consultation 1h via Skype 

1st consultation: Includes full Health Assesment including also the Iridology exam, QMRA and Physioscan exams, the Diet Plan and Table of Foods you can have or need to eliminate, Full health plan with supplements and additional life style changes / requirements.

The Full plan is sent via e-mail and due to the workload this can sometimes take 2-3 weeks. 

2nd consultation: Will be scheduled once you have received your Full Plan and have read the 3-4 main documents.  This is a Skype session and is very important as it will answer all the questions you may have related to the program.

If you need more support or have further questions you can book a Skype or telephone consultation – see below

Please note that I do not answer sms or whatsup messages   



This is for you if:  for existing clients if  you have received and already implemented the Holistic Health Plan for min 4 weeks and need to continue further addressing your health or lifestyle issues.   This consultation can also be done via Skype.

You will receive further recommendations or adjustments to your Holistic health Program.

Price:           80 BD

Duration:   1h         


Mini consultation via Skype or telephone

This is for you if:  for existing clients if  you have have additional questions or need more support.

Price:            35 BD          

Duration:   30min                                               


Holistic Health Program for new clients via Skype

This is for you if: This  for new clients who are unable to have testing done in person. 

Includes Health Assesment , the Diet Plan and Table of Foods you can have or need to eliminate, Full health plan with supplements and additional life style changes / requirements.  You may be asked to do some medical check ups .    

Price:  140 BD                   

Duration:   1st Consultation 1h and 2nd consultation 1h after you have received the program


Health Assessment               

This is for you if:  you just want a check-up and a glimpse into our solutions and philosophy but are not ready to implement the diet or supplement changes.

Price:         120BD

Duration:  1 hour 

Includes full Health Assesment with Iridology exam, QMRA and Physioscan.  You will leave with a clear picture of what is the root of your problem if you have one, what are the systems that need attention and what are the systems that are weaker and need to be maintained in order to remain in balance.

This detailed check up is not a program and does not include the diet and supplement recommendations.  

For full Diet and Health Plans you may chose the Holistic Health Program.


Physioscan treatment

Price:  80 BD    or    45BD (30 min)      

Duration:  1h  or     30  min                                                     

Can be upgraded to any of the packages.

This is: non invasive complete body and emotions scanning and therapy

Non-linear  (NLS) bioresonance systems (NLS) that combine advanced information technology with the field of active homeostatic (balance) control.

With a healthy connections between the spine and the brain, neurons are able to travel and communicate.  The rotation of the atoms in the cells generate frequencies which the brain as the control source in the body picks up. 

Physiocan electromagnetic generated software picks up these frequencies and translates them into energy levels, graphs and coefficients.  We are trained to read this information and conduct an accurate analysis.   We detect the misbalance and disease at its very early as well as the advance stages and are able to correct them.

But that is not all!   Our software is also capable of transmitting therapeutic frequencies and rebalances the organs under attack.

See more here: Physioscan



These sessions are great for: natural hormone balancing, getting rid of the aches, pains, acute infections, improving the general flow of energy, detoxification and cleansing of the whole system, stimulation of different metabolisms and central nervous system, increases blood flow circulation, stimulates digestion, is great way to balance the health for children.

Price:         40 BD

Duration:  50min


Quantum Energy Healing              

These sessions are great for: balancing your energy bodies, detoxification and cleansing of the used energies, taking off permanently and healing the emotional blockages, for pains, aches and acute infections, improving the general flow of energy,  stimulation of different metabolisms and central nervous system, harmonizing the chakras, increases the vibration levels or energy bodies, is great way to balance the health for children and pregnant women.  It is completely safe.

Price:         50 BD

Duration:  35-45min


You can find more information on how I work on Work with me page.

To find out the prices and pricing for children press here.

Once you have booked your appointment you may go to I booked an appointment for further information.  You will receive your appointment confirmation e-mail within 24h with detailed instructions of where to find forms to fill out and how to find me.  You will also receive a reminder e-mail 3 days before your appointment.

Do bear in mind that we have a cancellation policy so make sure you let us know if you need to cancel/change your appointment min 24h before in order to avoid charges equivalent to 1h of our time.