I Booked an Appointment

Thank you for booking an appointment!

Click here to download the Consultation Forms. You will need to fill them out and send them to me 1-2 days prior to your consultation.

Please start filling out the Diet Sheets right away in order that I may get at least 5 days, preferably 1 full week.  If you do not have this much time then write an example of 3-4 typical menus (breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks..).

It is important not try to eat “healthy” all of a sudden – I am interested in the real everyday picture, and most of all in the habits that repeat every day or several times a week (expl. piece of chocolate in the morning, a packet of chips around 11 am, piece of cake in the afternoon, etc.) Do write down all that you eat.

Please come for the consultation WITHOUT EYE LENSES (if wearing) to enable the Iridology exam and please remove NAIL POLISH from hands in order that I can examine your nails.


Click here for my address details and directions.


Please note payment is in cash only and it is payable in total at the end of the 1st consultation or 1st session.

Cancellation policy

Due to high demand in appointments I have introduced a cancelation policy.

My cancellation policy is that you can cancel or/and reschedule your appointment anytime up to 48h before your appointment with absolutely no penalty. After 48h, I ask you to honor your commitment and pay for that hour of time (45BD).

The purpose of this policy is to honor my time as much as yours and my other clients.  In order to keep the quality, I allocate only about 4-5h per day for taking clients and it is my responsibility to them to use that time as efficiently as possible.  That makes everyone happy.  Charging for under 48h cancellation is not a punishment to you, rather it is a way to honor both time and efficiency.

I dislike asking you to pay for an appointment you could’t make it to as much as you dislike paying for it.  Therefore, if I am able, I will fill the time slot.  In that case, you will not need to pay the cancellation fee.