Vitality & Weight Complete Support Premium program

We want you to achieve a level of energy and wellness that you may not have experienced since you were a child….

This is for you if:

You have at lease 13kg to lose with or without major health issues, you are ready to make significant lifestyle changes and you would like to be supported every step of the way.

Duration:        3 months       

Price:               800 BD

This is a complete support program for solving your serious weight problems, and if you have them, your chronic or serious health issues and you would like to be supported every step of they way.  

In this a complete life and lifestyle changing program and we assure you that after 3 months you will come out a changed individual!!  

It includes:

  • Innital 1h consultation with Naturopath with exams
  • An exam in Iridology – that tells you where the issues are and what your weak / strong systems are
  • exam in QMRA (Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis) – detailed 39 system check up including vitamins and minerals
  • An Ideal Menu 
  • A Table of Foods – list of recommended or not recommended foods
  • A food Blood Type Diet telling you foods suitable for your blood type
  • Health Plan with supplements to take for 3 month
  • The support , teaching and coaching of the Naturopath and the Nutritional coach
  • 5 sessions with a Naturopath
  • 12 sessions with nutritional coach
  • 4 sessions with Hypnotherapist
  • 3 Energy healing session
  • 2.5h Introductory Health and Vitality Workshop 


This is a complete support program for solving your serious weight problems and, if you have them, your chronic health issues. The aim is for you to:

  • Lose weight naturally and in healthy way (we target a 12 kg minimum for the 3 months).
  • Shift from a vicious circle of rising and falling weight.
  • Help heal any chronic health issues and ward off those that your weight problems have not yet caused.
  • Give you specific and practical tools for changing your eating and thought patterns.
  • Address your major emotional issues and negative thought processes.
  • Re-balance your energy and clean up used energies.
  • Receive regular encouragement and reassurance.
  • Have a solution or direction to help you conquer for each of the challenges you encounter.
  • Feel like a new person.
  • Validity of the program 12 months

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