We want you to achieve a level of energy and wellness that you may not have experienced since you were a child….

Our ultimate objective is to bring you back to into holistic balance – in your body, mind and soul – thus providing a clear personalized path to optimal vitality. We will enable you to become the manager of your health for life.

Major progress on the path to your optimal vitality is possible with determination and organization on your part. We will give you the information and all the support.

This is why we have created this workshop

Foundations of Health and Vitality.

This Workshop provides the background on the science behind the DSN philosophy on health. In this workshop you will learn why what you eat can be so bad for you and how a clean diet and lifestyle can make you feel better than you have since you were a child.

  • What is a state of balance
  • The basics steps for re-gaining the balance
  • Extensive information about what we should be eating and what is toxic for us
  • Some of the main misconceptions today about food and health
  • The basics of detoxing and weight management steps
  • Practical preparation and tasting – quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • You will leave with:
    • A clear understanding of what a healthy lifestyle and diet are,
    • Print-outs of what we covered,
    • Tips on how to eat out and handle criticisms and doubt from family and friends,
    • Recipes and the know-how to recreate them
    • Buzzing with energy from all the delicious nutrients I will have fed you!       

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